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    All science aside, I look at it this way. Do you want to do it now and get it out of the way or wait till the first nice day to take a ride and have to change oil then.
    I would rather get it out of the way and be ready to cruise.
    Working on old cars separates the men from the golfers.


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      I generally change the oil and everything and then go for a good hour drive (at the very least) at secondary road speed to get everything operating well and all moisture burnt off, then they go directly into storage while hot and dry. Run the heater fans and often wipers too, at this time of year.


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        So if you change the oil now, do you leave it in come spring, or change it before you take the car out again?

        Dave I think the car looks just right the way it sits now, I looked at your pics and thought i need to lower the rear of my car.


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          With all the talk about ZDDP I have been using Castrol Syntec 20W50 synthetic oil which was one of the recommended choices in a TW article not too long ago. The label says "Specially formulated for Classic Cars". Does synthetic oil hold up better relative to acid breakdown or is it all just marketing hype?
          Peter Bishop
          Northeast Zone


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            Originally posted by Studedude
            I run the oil 'till it's time to do it again... by miles, not months.

            Now, that's funny, 'cause I like the stance on your beautiful ride.
            Thanks for the compliment,I've enjoyed looking at your build thread and website,Sheba is a good looking car, and i like those wheels just fine, don't think I'd change them,but if i did it would be the 5 spoke.