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1952 4 door Champion on vacant property update

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  • 1952 4 door Champion on vacant property update

    Thanks to all who were interested. I located the owner (A&A Towing 705-333-3355)
    here in Barrie. He won't part the car out, but it's for sale for $1200. So sad to see
    it rust away. But if anyone is interested give them a call. Joe

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    That's not terribly far from where my Lark came from. Hope someone rescues the '52...even if only for parts.

    Hm. If the frame and basic bodyshell are OK, could this be a donor-chassis candidate for Chris Dresbach's Model N re-creation?



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      I wouldn't expect too much from the frame. It is buried in mud up to the middle of the hub caps.
      I would expect that if one tried to pull it out of the mud the weight of the engine alone could bend
      the frame. This guy has watched too many Barrett Jackson auctions. It's too bad really, because
      there are still some good parts on the car. Just not worth the hassle or money asked. Joe


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        There is a threshold where the cost of loading and hauling exceeds the cost of scrap. Too often I have seen a foolish persons survivors having to pay to have his "prize" hauled off!
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          Too bad that at that price this car will probably sit there until it is hauled away for scrap.
          "In the heart of Arkansas."
          Searcy, Arkansas
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