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Pretty serious Pro Street truck

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  • Pretty serious Pro Street truck

    I really like this one:

    Among other things it says "two dimple rear end". I told Linda, "Wow honey, just like you!"

    I'm sure eye-rolling signifies agreement...
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    It looks like a premium build. I would like mine a bit more cruise friendly.

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      I don't think I would have any reservations about driving that! My kinda truck.
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        I like how the treatment of those flames gives the illusion of pod headlights. I am not extremely enamored with the choice of color shades but it does look to be very well done. I have to believe that there is something disappointing in the operation causing him to part with it.

        He could be one of those who enjoys the pursuit of a project more than the results and is ready to move on.(since he is willing to consider trades) However, I am always suspicious of a project that is offered below the cost of the build.

        All in all...I like it, don't know what I would do with it if it were mine, but couldn't afford it at a bargain.
        John Clary
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