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Santa Fe Pay Day Studebaker Sighting

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  • Santa Fe Pay Day Studebaker Sighting

    Over on the forum someone posted a Youtube video about Wagon Wheel Antennas for F units, so I went to have a look to see where it was mounted. Well, as it turns out I watched a whole movie on how Santa Fe wanted to prevent loss and damage during shipment, mostly because I liked seeing the older equipment and how it was moved. It's also not just a problem at the prototype scale, it can be a problem with the model scales as well, mostly because moving a set of cars too fast can cause damage to the model, lol. Anyway, at the 9:34 mark there is a nice C-Cab with what looks to be a short haul Santa Fe trailer behind. Of course the truck and trailer were owned by Santa Fe, so the whole unit was done up in the Santa Fe paint scheme. Well enjoy!!

    All I can say is for anybody who thinks this is a recent problem, you're in for a shock, and there's probably more Studebakers in the movie as it's from the '50's .
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