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1950 1/2 Ton 2R5

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  • 1950 1/2 Ton 2R5

    Hello everyone

    I am new to the forum and Studebakers in general and I've got a few questions I'm trying to answer but cannot for the life of me even find a place to start. I know you probably get this all the time, but if anyone would be nice enough to point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.

    I was brought up a Chevy guy, but my father used to always talk about Studebaker trucks when I was a kid, and how they were 'ahead of their time', especially when Dodge first came out with their new styling back in the late 90's.. so I always had a bit of a facination with the 'Stupidbaker' as he used to call it, but I never saw one in person or ever heard anything more than stories

    Until about a month ago, I was road tripping across the country to help my long time girlfriend relocate for work, and I stumbled upon a 1950 Studebaker 2R5 1/2 ton pickup going for really cheap and after first saw the pictures I knew that was the truck I wanted to build.

    Originally I thought the truck was a rolling chasis and I would drop in a small block chevy and hot rod it a bit, but after going to meet the seller and actually looking at the truck I realized it was all original, from rad to rear, and was running when it was parked in his field in 1979. So now I have to restore it, it's in such great condition, but I have no idea where to start.

    The body is pretty good, and as far as that goes the only thing Im missing is a tailgate. I even have all the original chrome. This was a 1 owner truck that was used for almost 30 years on the farm. But I have no idea how to find any information on the engine and transmission, which will need to be rebuilt. I would like to restore it the best I can.. can anyone help me here? It even came with a outer visor that apparently was very rare..

    The person I bought it off wanted to restore it himself, but didn't have the time or money and gave me a fantastic deal on it.

    So I guess I could have just gotten by with 'Does anyone know where I can find a tailgate for a 1950 2R5 or where I can find information about the driveline?' I don't even know what else I would need to know, I've never restored anything before, I just put v8's in s10's, but I am really into this restoring thing now.

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    Well you came to the right place. You can get a brand new tailgate from Mack Hills.
    other people sell them, but they make them.
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      Thank you. That is exactly what I am looking for.


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        Actually Lee, you will need a bit more than a Tailgate!
        Since you ask about info on the drivetrain, I recommend you get the CD or book form Shop Manual and Studebaker Parts Catalog, they are BOTH on CD for under $25.00 at Studebaker Vendors at and will be the VERY BEST investment you ever made!

        The next step is to get to know your "neighbors" with Studebakers by joining the International SDC Organization and then your local Chapter of SDC.
        This will give you lots of support, parts and know-how availability, maybe actual help and certainly encouragement.

        If you know anyone that has owned 40's and '50's Fords and Chrysler Products, they will be familiar with the very common and standard Borg Warner Transmissions and Dana Spicer Rear Axles that they, and all of the Independent makes used on their cars.

        Welcome to SDC and the SDC Forum!
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          Lee , along with the info you have here you need to get on the Studebaker Truck Talk , this is where you'll hook up with all the guys that have and know trucks . You can get there by going here


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