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2010 PSMCD Saturday Report

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  • 2010 PSMCD Saturday Report

    Well, I drove up to Stanton yesterday morning (and was happy that I could drive my Lark up!) We got there and a storm had just passed through. The weather radar showed nothing behind this storm, so everyone had hopes that they could dry the track and get the shootout underway. Here is a shot from my car after I parked:

    Well, even though the radar showed nothing, it continued to wet us with a fine mist from 9am to about 2pm with only a few periods without the mist. We went home after the majority of Studebakers had been driven onto their trailers. There was nothing but bench racing and friendly discussions all the time I was there.

    By my rough count, there were three R3 cars, at least four R2 cars and at least two R1 cars. In case you hadn't heard, Ted Harbit's Stude Tomato now sports a PSMCD-certified R3 - and it has a very powerful sound.

    Here are some additional photos. The first three below all came from Colorado and all came on the same trailer.

    This link is for the gallery of all 31 images I took. There are large versions of each on this site:

    I had a great time talking with everyone and seeing the cars, even though there was no racing. When we came in the gate, they had high-hopes; stating that they had nearly 160 cars running the day before.

    Rumor has it that 2010 will NOT be the final year. Some others (maybe BP) will need to confirm that.

    1963 Lark Daytona HT - 63V J8 175

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    Thanks for the pics George. Stanton seems to be plaqued by wet conditions,the whole shootout was rained out two years ago also when we attended.
    Frank van Doorn
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      Dang it George. You made me tear up like a little girl with that last picture.
      Nice pics and too bad about the rain. Ted was working HARD to get that R-3 installed and certified.
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        Hey George , nice pics and it was good to meet you ( and your car )

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          Happy to be in many group shots at the Pure Stocks but even this one had special meaning beacause of Dale ! It just shows that nothing in life shoud be taken for granted . Ed