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New Tires for an Old Sky Hawk

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  • New Tires for an Old Sky Hawk

    Yesterday, following the advice of StudeRich http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ight=tire+size and 53K http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ire+comparison I got four Firestone FR380 whitewall radial for my 56K in the PR 215/75/15 size for $79 each at my local Anaconda Automotive dealer, mounted and balanced. Rims are original, 5 inches. Also got a chassis lube for $20 and replaced the fan belt, ($14) which was as old as the G78/15 Goodyears I replaced. They cost $50 apiece in 1976 and had 18,000 miles. 5th tire for the spare is ordered. They may not be made in America, but they have an "American" name. Not all Cooper and Goodyear tires are made in the U.S.A.

    I also looked up some reviews comparing Cooper Trendsetter SE Firestone FR380 tires and they seemed about the same, and, except for a slight edge to Firestone in wet handling.

    All this activity caused me to look in my "Sky Hawk" folder, with some interesting items: 289 Service Kit from Newman & Altman in 1975 cost me $331 including left and right exhaust pipes. Shipping $44. Motor assembly and rebuilding of heads $365, thus a virtually new engine for about $700. Black naugahyde upholstery $857, mufflers and exhaust $90, radiator re-core $90, 4 wheel brakes $82, new front springs and control arm bushings $238, generator repair $10, new torque converter and rebuild transmission $248, new rocker panels, engine mounts and decals $39. Never got around to putting on the decals, and spray-painted the air cleaner gold, like in the '55 models.

    Car has been in unheated garage in Montana 1975-89 and 2005-10, (19 years) and in unheated garage in Southern California 10 miles from the coast 1989-2005 (16 years) It also has 18,000 miles since all of the above work. I believe most of the rust occurred in California

    I put a link to my new "Sky Hawk" album on Photobucket in case anyone was interested, without having to put up with a large photo. Photos taken yesterday, showing how it looked in the old wide whites and the new narrower whitewalls. All cars running well now, ready for winter which comes too soon here in Montana. Snow in Great Falls today! Thanks, everyone!

    Jack in Montana Click image below.

    [img] [/img]
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    Jack, in Montana

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    Look'in good Jack! I think it actually looks better with the narrow Whites. Not correct but for the price, a good value, and for a driven car, and don't think you care about a lousy FOUR POINTS, well 5 when your spare arrives.

    I waited 6 weeks for my 4, and still waiting for number 5, they are back ordered in Lark size: P205X75R15, FR380 Firestones.
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