In other posts some have commented on the races by looking at the video feed, so I'll share a couple of thoughts after my first trip to them.

To start with, I used to race at Mid-Michigan an eon ago and the memories came flooding back when I crested the last hill before the track. It's still the same.

If you go to the races, what you will find a set of cars that were equipt from the factory with the ability to be made to go fast in stock trim. The great fun at the PSMCD is to watch and enjoy the skill that differentiates the building and driving of these cars. Remember this is Pure Stock. The PBR and Stewed Tomato are great examples of factory cars made to go fast by the skill of building and driving of dedicated pros.

This may offend some of the Stude Purists but the great fun at the meet was walking around talking to racers of all marques and watching the cream come to the top. If I were to go back and race, my choice would be a 1970 Buick GS Stage I or a 440 mopar with automatic tranny from the late 60's. The blown Studes take a skill set that I can't begin to approach but several of the GS's were constantly in the high 12's as were a couple of 440 Mopars. They again have an advantage of the right motor and wheels on the right car.

You can tell the Studes off the line with all the Sturm and Drang generated by the blown small block. Ted Harbit is a joy to listen to handling a four speed. THe Buick's and 440's are a raging Big Block thunder roll that last the length of the run when they are hooked to an automatic.

A couple of the 65ish vette's are quicker but those cars would need to be left to me in a will to be able to be afforded.

This is drag racing old school that I grew up with and I will say This is the most car fun I've attended in many years.

If your blood pressure doesn't rise to dangerous levels here that I guess maybe video games are in your future