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    You did! You must be slipping!! or coming around?
    Good Roads
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      Welcome! When I first saw Corvanti, I thought of Kvanti. It is an Avanti with a K-car drivetrain. I was hoping that you were referring to a Corvette and not a Corvair that was combined with an Avanti. That reminds me of a girl that I knew that referred to her Chevette as her 'vette.
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        Originally posted by studeclunker View Post
        Well, Kerry, welcome to both you and your CorVanti. Personally, I don't like hybirds. However, if yours works, why fix it? After the '63 model year the Avanti wasn't any longer really part of Studebaker and after '66 they branched off into their own direction completely. One might say that Avanti became it's own marque. So, what the heck? The '65s have chevy engines, why shouldn't yours? Sounds to me like yours could be a really nice car. The Corvette engine is a nice one and the parts are readily available. So, instead of spending a mint returning the car to original, why reinvent-invent the wheel when what you have might work very well by itself (did I just say that)?
        WOW!!! thank you
        one reason i waited awhile to post was i thought i would get "slammed" by the "it's not correct" crowd... and i may still. that's ok- if i knew then (when i bought my avanti), to what i know now, i would have passed and looked for a stude engine. however, being familiar w/sbc's and 'vettes has let me concentrate on other numerous repairs...
        and i would certainly pass on a k-car vanti... but- different strokes......
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