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  • More Studes in magazines...

    The November Hemmings Classic Cars mentions Studes twice...both in an article about the AACA Grand National meet held in New Bern, NC.

    The first car shown is a '58 Golden Hawk owned by Joe Parson of Raleigh. The second is a '63 Avanti owned by Augustino Capasso of Roseland, NJ. Kudos to both guys for their gorgeous cars and showing the marque.

    Also in the magazine is a historical and technical article on disc brakes. While it doesn't mention Studebaker and the Avanti specifically, it does mention the Dunlop designed disc brakes and shows artwork of what appears to be the Avanti disc brake setup as a generic example.

    The second magazine with a Studebaker reference is the October issue of "America in WW II". There's an article called "100 Ways WWII Changed America and the World". On page 24 there's a reproduction of an ad for the 1942 Studebakers. The reference was how the car culture changed the country and used the ad to say after limited numbers of 1942 cars were built, no more were made until the war's end.

    It's always nice to see Studebakers in the public eye.
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    I could not make it to the AACA show in New Bern, but certainly wish I had. There were several other Studebakers in that show besides the two you mentioned. One was an EMF. One of our members is from New Bern and belongs to that local AACA chapter.
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