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  • Forwarded message from a lurker

    He's a lurker because he says for some reason he cant post on the forum.
    I was no help to him.
    He asked me to post his message on here so one of you guys or gals will help.

    His message.............................
    I was wondering if you still have this truck and if so is it a 2-R SERIES 1949-'53. I want to know if you could measure the body for me. Im look to buy a cab and frenders off a guy and it is in pieces and i was wondering if it would fit on my frame. So if you could give me the measurements from the
    center of the tire to the center of the tire
    rear of cab to center of tire
    rear of cab to bumper
    That would be greatly appreciated.


    He reads the forum and will be waiting on your answers.
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    All 1949 to 1964 "C" Cabs are the same dimensions, so you should have no problem putting a Studebaker "C" Cab on any 1949 to 1964 Stude. Truck Frame of ANY weight, even a Champ Pickup with the Lark type cab would be the same frame except the outrigger cab mounts used on "C" Cabs.

    The Pickup box would be a whole different story (but you didn't ask about that) since there were several widths of those but all were 6 1/2 Ft. long (112 in. W/B) , 8 Ft. long (122 in. W/B) or on rare occasion you find a 9 ft. Box (131 in. W/B) used on 1 Tons.
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