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Studebaker Diner & Musem Open House Bellingham, WA

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  • Studebaker Diner & Musem Open House Bellingham, WA

    We want to thank everyone who came out to our Studebaker Diner & Musem Open House!

    There were more people than we dreamed of, but sometimes dreams come true, so we thought we would build it and they came!

    There was a lot of hard work by volunteer's, with special thanks to Dave, Dillon, Ian and Brenda, Dean and Elaine.
    Dave and Dillon were helping move gas pumps at 10pm and continued by pushing cars around until 4am!

    The weather was great and sunny with a lots of Studes and people that showed up.
    After we serve hot dogs to 200 people, we ran out of them, but the Antique club arrived with a banquet and awards for 60 people. The coke machine was iced up with bottles along with the popcorn cart, twinkies and other 50's food.
    With the Juke Box playing and so busy with people enjoying the day, we didn't get to take many pictures.

    I'm wondering if anyone has pictures, or video you can share?
    Also let us know of any other thoughts, or ideas that could make it better next time.

    Best Regards,

    James and Stephanie
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    Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
    Bellingham, WA.

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    One of the "many" highlights was the ice run in Dylan's wagooon. He's looking for a set of nylon gears for the std trans. :-) :-)

    Thanks everyone for a such grand time!!

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      Hi Ian. It was really nice to see you and Brenda after all these years. You will never guess who we missed by staying an extra day. Gerry Parker dropped into my shop on Monday to say hello. It has been as long since I have seen or heard from Gerry as it has been with you.
      Go figure eh!
      Brian Woods
      1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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        First class all the way, thanks James and Stephanie, it was well worth the 1000 mile trip up from the bay area in California, trip back went just as nice as the trip up, the meet was as good as any we have been to in the past and I know every one that worked on it worked hard and did a good job, now need to get ready in Oct. to go south to the Pacific Southwest zone meet, thanks again James and Stephanie and every one up in the north west....the Peterson's
        Castro Valley,


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          Boy! I'm sorry I missed it. But I had no option. Didn't get away from the well until Sunday afternoon.
          Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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            Along with all the others who attended, I also want to add my BIG thanks!

            It was also great to meet your special guest, Oliver Yanco as well:


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              Nice Picture of Oliver Yanco, he is a "one of a kind" gentleman, not only did he buy an early production '63 Avanti before it was built and wait patiently for the late delivery, but he drove it until 2001 until he got the Los Angeles Auto Show display 2001 T-Top, Teal color Avanti he now owns, as seen in the Bell Studebaker Museum.

              His Daughter now owns the Original White, R1 Automatic that he bought to replace his '57 Golden Hawk.

              What a guy!
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                Craig Great photo of 96 year old Oliver!
                He's quite a legend around here and now we have Lionel Stone in Bellingham too!
                The Antique Club presented us with the nice mirror Stephanie is holding by the Juke Box.
                Ian, glad we found that heater duct and I'll keep looking for the other parts you want.
                Dillan and Dave were busy helping direct lots of nice cars after staying up til 4am.
                Bob, glad to see you up here and I know Lionel was too!
                Soo much fun!!!

                Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                Bellingham, WA.


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                  From this distance (3K miles), looks like a great meet. If the pre-war cars almost outnumbered the post-war, how rare it that?!!!!



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                    The James Bell Collection Museum

                    I believe that MAY be Lionel Stone at the back of the table on the left with a Red sweater and his hand to his face, maybe on a cell phone.

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                      Originally posted by 56H-Y6 View Post
                      If the pre-war cars almost outnumbered the post-war, how rare it that?!!!!
                      This was an event held prior to the Can-AM Meet. I was the Parking Guy for BOTH this event and the Meet. I can assure you that Pre-war cars-- while they showed up in BIG numbers-- they DID NOT out number anything at the Meet except for maybe Early Post War (48-58) and Trucks.

                      After the looong week of hard work- the Sunday morning burnout and all- I think it was well worth it!!! Thanks again James and Stephanie.
                      StudeDave '57
                      US Navy (retired)

                      3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
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                      past President
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                      San Diego Chapter SDC

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                      San Diego Chapter SDC
                      North Florida Chapter SDC


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                        And another thanks from me, it was a blast! The place is looking great; keep it up.
                        Dylan Wills
                        Everett, Wa.

                        1961 Lark 4 door wagon
                        1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
                        1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
                        1914 Ford Model T


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                          No Rich, that is not Lionel, he is getting out of the yellow 41 President and then when he was sitting inside him and myself were sitting at the front of that row where the lady in the blue is sitting, we were there in the later afternoon, got to spend a lot of talking time with him, he was one of the main reasons I drove 1000 miles up there , that and to see the Bells place, enjoyed both in fact enjoyed the whole week end.
                          Castro Valley,


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                            Many thanks to everyone that put together such a terrific CAN-AM meet. It was a great time - very well organized and professionally run. Well done!


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                              James and Stephanie - It was great that you opened your museum for all to see. You have done a ton of work since my previous visit 15 months back. I am positive your efforts are greatly appreciated by all Studebaker fans.

                              Excellent job! Thank-you.
                              Mark Hayden
                              '66 Commander
                              Zone Coordinator
                              Pacific Can-Am Zone