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Such a waste of space, and time

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  • Such a waste of space, and time

    Ever notice when trolling e-bay for that certain part, no matter the specific model.....there are tons of ads for bs products that are not for Studes? Like oil pressure switches? ........yes i know 65&66 utilled bowtie blocks.

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    Try this link originally created by another forum member:

    Save the link to your favorites. You can add the year or model to the criteria if you like. You can add more vendors to exclude to your own version of this link as you find them.


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      Hey that's a great link, thanks for that. I get tired of sifting through car and seat covers when searching ebay as well.


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        Yes, it is better than my customized list. Real parts for real cars- what a concept! A crying shame that ebay would rather collect listing fees from abusers than enforce their own rules to maintain a shopper-friendly site. My sales are down, and so many people tell me that they are so sick of spending time sifting through the dreck that they just stay off of the site.
        Barry'd in Studes