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  • 1957 clipper question

    hi. its late. however, i would like to know any input on how to remove head light and heater blower motor switches from 57 clipper. they have bezels on interior side and an assortment of challenges on backside of dash. do not want to ruin as they are good, but have had no education with these. selling dash, so must remove. my president's are toggles. these are pull/push and turn. can anyone help ?. thanks much. skip.

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    I've only seen the interior of a Clipper once. However, my impression of the car is that it's very similar to my '56. That said, first disconnect your battery.

    There's a small nut on the face of the dash. It has a slot on each side of the switch shaft. This is what secures the switch to the dash face.

    You will need to remove the knob first. This should be fairly easy, though I would be careful as you can break the switch in the process. I usually pull the switch out a bit and put a small vice-grip on the shaft then push on the back of the knob prying on the vicegrip. That usually pops it right off.

    Next, the retaining nut needs to be removed. Since I don't have that handy-dandy fork shaped tool which should be used to remove it, I just use a small slot screwdriver and a small hammer. By tapping (tapping not pounding) on the nut at an angle that is complementary to the thread, it usually comes loose enough to turn off with my fingers. If it is a bit rusty, you might want to use a bit of penetrating oil and do the above tomorrow.

    Once the nut's off, the switch will slide right out of the dash. The wires are rather short and you don't have much room to work though.

    Take this with a grain (maybe rather quite a few...) of salt as I'm going on a five year old memory on the interior of a Clipper I saw in Williams CA.
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      Follow this link a complete clipper manual set is here to read and see to help removal of dash and related parts . Look under manuals 1957 clipper suplement has the information and pictures to guide you thru the factory recommended steps for removal of knobs and the switch. radio knobs are removed the same way
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        I have removed 3 of these Packard dashes. Disconnect the battery, disconnect all of the wires from the dash, disconnect speedo cable, disconect cables for heat, vents, etc, disconnect from steering column, remove storage area of glovebox, lay on back, remove defrost ducts and tubes, unbolt dash from back of firewall and under the windshield, be careful not to crack the cover on the dash....impossible to replace nos. when the dash starts to move that is when it risks damage, I did find that if I removed the radio and speaker it was easier to handle and move, be sure not to damage the speaker cover, once you have the dash out....then you remove the switches. I used a pair of pliers and cloth on one side....using the cloth to cover the part so it didn't get scratched and the pliers to grip it and turn the switch on the other side of the dash with my hand. Best of luck
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          Those bezels are unusual. The hold down nut is integral. You need a hex shaft driver that is hollow to go over the shaft of the switch. I have one, but I don't remember where I got it.
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            one of the tools is for sale on ebay a Packard friend made his from a hex stand off for radios by putting hole in center of stand off


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              57 clipper info.

              hi sorry for slow thanks. not first day on job. only info i care about is actual removal of switches, not dash. dash is out, did not want to screw up switches. thanks for advice to all. confirms what i thought. another Studebaker preservation of parts. thanks again to all. skip.


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                hi. sorry for slow response. thanks to all that tried to help. it did.