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  • Starlight Studebaker Interiors - please email

    Lori, please check your email and get back to me. Thanks, Jeff

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    Good luck Jeff. I'v been waiting for them to get back to me for 6 mounths or so. I understand they are school teachers,and planned to get things uder control over the summer.School has started back now and I still haven't heard anything. NT
    Neil Thornton


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      (Jeff, just sent you a reply).

      (Thanks to Jim Maxey for keeping us posted on posts... we're not on the forums much, right now!)

      Sorry folks, we've gotten behind schedule, and we're trying to finish sorting all of the door panels this weekend. We're starting to get orders together based on a "first-requested, first-to-be-sent" basis and are shooting for the end of this month to start sending out those first-requested orders. Yes, we're back to our regular jobs now, so this venture is truly a "moonlighting/starlighting" thing. This has been way more of a project than we ever anticipated, and unfortunately, our optimism for timelines hasn't always been met this year!

      Thanks for bearing with us, thanks for your understanding, and for those of you who have requested pieces/parts, we'll be e-mailing you individually beginning in a couple of weeks.

      Will Sander
      "The Common Sense Car"

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        Sounds to me like everyone needs to be patient. I can't even imagine the blood, sweat, tears, time and money invested in this project. From what I have heard and read, they are taking a mix mash of interior parts (many,many semi loads) that were disorganized for decades and attempting to put them together as complete sets. Also they are attempting to get everything cleaned, organized, labelled, sorted, stacked, stored properly, etc in a way that they can quickly and accurately assist our needs in the future. Can you remember just a little while many of us went to SASCO and spent hours or even days looking for interior parts and knew they were there but could not find them or find a full set.....the dirt, the heat, the time wasted, the frustration. Moving forward this might be able to be done in a matter of minutes with a keyboard and a few clicks. Perfection takes time. My hat is off to these two and all of their efforts for the betterment of the greatest marque, in saving all of these parts and in saving me a ton of time and money in the future.
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