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Neat surprise near Carlisle ON...1928 Stude coach

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  • Neat surprise near Carlisle ON...1928 Stude coach

    At a cruise last week a fellow SDCer informed me of a really unusual Stude for sale just up Hwy#6 north of Hamilton. This was mere paces from the spot those two '50s were for sale last summer, but it isn't the same seller, just coincidence. The guy who has this '28 Studebaker coach usually has at least one old car out front, often for sale...

    Looks decent for an 82-year-old car, eh! Seller is asking $10K obo. I've nary a clue whather that's high, low or about right. Says it runs and drives...which suggests it does not readily stop!! Someone on here (Dick Q?) will know exactly what model it is...I shan't hazard a guess myself.

    (Incidentally this is NOT the car that was stolen some months back. Same body type and colour scheme, but that car was several years earlier--1924 iirc.)


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    Couple more views of the '28...

    Rear view (my Lark is visible ahead of the '28)


    Grille emblem (should the grille shell actually be chrome/nickel BTW?)

    LF wheel and tall, skinny WWW tire. I think this is a very old restoration. Must have been lovely back in the day; still looks pretty darn presentable now. Were I drowning in money...blah blah blah...



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      I love it. The word "Elegant" comes to mind. I wonder if steel wheels were available by then? I am sticking to my dream of some day owning a 32-38 Studebaker, but wouldn't turn down one of these if the right deal came along. (the right deal includes getting it in the man cave past my wife's radar)
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

      SDC member since 1975


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        That is really nice! I wouldn't want to change the condition of the body too much actually, it's just right. Still presentable as you say, and it still looks like it has a story to tell.
        Dylan Wills
        Everett, Wa.

        1961 Lark 4 door wagon
        1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
        1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
        1914 Ford Model T


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          It is either a 1928 Commander GB or a 1928 Dictator First Design model GE. The exterior of these two cars were nearly identical with the only obvious diference being the ornament on the headlight cross bar which is missing on this car. The Commander with the big 354 c.i. Big Six engine would be more desirable but my guess on this one would be the smaller Dictator. In any event about 30% too high on the price. The radiator shells were chrome plated on both of the aforementioned models.
          Richard Quinn
          Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review