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  • Gasket Needed #296997

    Does anyone have a truck lid lock handle gasket for a 52 Commander? (Page 116, Body Parts Catalog 1951-1952 Series).
    Does anyone know where I can purchase the rubber material to make one?
    Any ideas will be appriciated.
    Lou Van Anne
    Lou Van Anne
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    where I can purchase the rubber material to make one?

    I've been using (for similar applications) some left over membrane material from a roof (house) patch. Its some sort of rubber, 1/16 thick and wide as your house. Try a roofing contractor for a piece of scrap.


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      I tried Fennessey a couple years ago, he did not have one. I ended up making my own.
      Old bike innertube works great for homemade rubber gaskets.


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        we used an old intertube from a truck and a good razorknife. you can trace it on the tube or youcan use a brass hammer on the back side to make cut marks. They work just as good as a store bought gasket. Ask me how I know.
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