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I have been asked to sell a couple Studebakers

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  • I have been asked to sell a couple Studebakers

    Got a phone call and was asked to help sell a couple of '54 coupes.The black one is pretty tough as you can see by the pics.The hood is off another car.The blue one was bought in Kansas and the story on that one is it was restored in the early 60's.Clean looking car but it failed the refrigerator magnet test in front of the rear wheels and beside the front fender vents.IF it was actually worked on in the early '60's it could have been leaded which also doesnt stick to a magnet.Looking for opinions about value.I can price them out by parts value but would enjoy hearing what you all think about it's worth as a complete car.Here is a link to photos.There are 3 pages.
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    Black car has a '53 dash and trunk lid, might be a '53 instead of 54. They look like solid enough cars. ....


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      Black car could very well be a '53. I spent most of my time looking over the blue one.Blue car also has a title.
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          As mentioned, there is a '53 Dash in the Blue Car, and I see '53 Tail lights on the Black one. I would check the Serial Numbers and find out what they really are. The Black one could be just about anything from '53 to '61.
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            While I appreciate your 2.5 cents...
            I hate it when someone 'assigns' an arbitrary dollar figure to a Studebaker.
            What are we here? A blue pink green grey book on car values?
            And what number applies in a free market society?
            Let the market determine the value, and if anything, all we should do is report what similar Stude's have sold for.
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              I did ask for values.
              I could part them out at those numbers. They will most likely hit the worldwide evil selling site or get stuffed back in the shed.
              The ultimate value determination will be made by the court of public opinion(i.e.wallet opening)
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                Actually, the problem is that neither of these is a complete car. Personally, I don't mind a six, as long as it has an OverDrive. The Blue car looks nice, but it still appears to have rust (judging by the photos), admittedly seemingly very little (though it did fail the magnet test). Still, with no interior at all, and the six, I wouldn't pay more than six hundred and if it ran eight. As to the black one, as a parts car, no more than four or five hundred. Then again, I'm rather cheap, so hopefully no one goes ballistic.
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