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    For the First time this year, I was able to get the '48 out for an event without some last minute glitch to prevent it. Friday, with my wife and poodle following in her maxima, we headed to York, S.C. (aprox 70 miles) for their "Summerfest" festival. Folded into this event was a large car show, which our SDC chapter had made a "meet" event for this year. I was impressed with the overall number of cars at the event considering that the Charlotte N.C. huge "Autofare" was being held at probably less than an hour drive away.

    I don't have a good enough memory to give the run down of all the Stude's present, but Domenic Manera (Studehunter) with his beautiful fresh restored 54 commander coupe was there along with Carol & Russ Roberts (56 Power Hawk), a '62 GT, a '51 Starlight, and a well done '49 R series Rod.

    Every thing went smooth on the trip down and the '48 Champion Business Coupe performed flawlessly. It even managed some substantial hills without requiring "kick-down" of the overdrive. The next morning, the "glitch" came after breakfast when I managed to flood the carb. I mean I had so much gas dripping out that I thought the float had gotten a pinhole and sunk in the bowl! (So much for getting to the show early!) After about an hour and a short course of training Donnie (my wife) on the finer points of using the 12 volts of the Maxima with jumper cables, I got it fired up and it ran well for the rest of the time. Before making my way to the show area, I called and informed Domenic that he and the "Rescue Posse" he was organizing could "Stand down."

    They had arranged an area for the Studebakers to be exhibited together. The "easy-up" shelters that Russ and I brought were life savers. By the time I set up my shelter I was already sweating. I usually exhibit my car with its matching pedal car, a showroom brochure, a drive-in restaurant tray (with fake food), and a drive-in movie speaker playing big band swing music. I also have some magnetic signs explaining the features of the car that I place on it and the pedal car.

    The funny thing is people's reaction as they come by. You expect the kids to want to touch things, but the comical part was watching grown adults touch the fake fries and burger just to see if they were real! Then there were the older folks having to explain to the younger folks about drive-in restaurant trays and drive-in speakers. One reason I exhibit the showroom literature is to let people know that the car really "came" that way. Folks want to know why you took the back seat out. Even so, I still heard statements like, "I had one just like that except the front was different." I also was asked, "Why did you make it shorter?"...And one kid came up to me and asked if it would really do 212 miles per hour? That was when I realized he was looking at the Temp gauge rather than the speedometer. I told him that I would be in trouble either way if the needle went to 212!

    Here are a couple of pictures of our exhibits. As usual, being the "self absorbed" person I can be, I didn't get enough pictures. Perhaps Domenic or others could post some.
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    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975

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    Well done, John!
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