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Originality of Paint on 10K mile Avanti 63R3152 Resolved

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  • Originality of Paint on 10K mile Avanti 63R3152 Resolved

    Got back in from Bonneville and in the mail found the Avanti Vehicle Inspection Check Off Inspection Report. One of the mysteries that were unresolved with this car was that even though the original owner had never had any paint work done on the car, when I rolled the backlite gaskets back, I always thought I could see a tape line indicating at least a partial repaint. Mystery solved. Sure enough, the inspection report documents that the entire roof was repainted at the factory due to mottled paint and dirt in the finish. So it is factory paint. I can finally sleep at night, lol.

    Is there any way to find a Studebaker employee by their badge number? Employee 7310 sure did a lot of rework on this car. Last name Howatt, perhaps? Employees 7620 and 5150 did the paint repairs.

    The list went onto an additional sheet with the dates spanning 6 days. There is even a note about the horn, which has been challenged in the past as to it's position. The check list generated 54 items which were repaired. In addition to the 4 page check list, there are an additional 45 lines of items which had to be addressed. All in all, around 100 details had to be dealt with before releasing the car.

    Very interesting, makes me feel like I was there going down the line with the car. Now I just need Employee 7310 to reattach the loose hood insulation he addressed 47 years ago.
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