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Need Transtar cab and bed delivered.

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  • Need Transtar cab and bed delivered.

    Anyone going past or near to Slayton MN.( Not far from Souix Falls) and travelling near to South Bend IN. or Casper,Wyoming???
    I have a 56 Transtar cab,bed and fenders plus small trim pieces ( No chassis or mechanical. The front fenders,hood,grille etc. all are disassembled) that I need to move to either address.The cab etc. is 6 miles west of Slayton and the final destination is to Evansville which is 7 miles from Casper or to Argos In. which is 30 miles south of South Bend.
    Loading is no problem and a flat car trailer should work well as the total length would be slightly less than the pickup if it was complete.
    Happy to pay the freight rate or subsidise your vacation or.....
    If no one is going anywhere near this way,could anyone recommend a transport/freight company?
    Any help much appreciated.
    Tony (

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    Found out that the Cab and tray are on a farm and can be picked up at any time in the future,so if anyone has future plans for a trip,please let me know... or someone you might recommend.
    Thank you