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  • New member with m5.

    I'm trying to find out how to read a serial number plate. My truck starts with m5 13 and then some numbers. Also I'm looking for some fenders. I have some but there going to take a lot of work.
    Any help out there would be great! Thanks

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    Sheet metal for that truck is so hard to find. You can try Vern Ediger in Halstead, Kansas. His number is 316.215.1166. Keep your eye out on Craigslist. You may get lucky. Someone reproduces a fiberglass version, but I do not know who. Either way, it's gonna be pricey. There is one on Ebay now with a current price of $250.00. Here is the link.

    Good luck and keep me posted. I'm restoring one right now as well!


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      Jeff it also helps to put where you are if you notice under our names it says our towns. Its easier to find local help that way. Welcome. You have an M5 truck which means its a half ton not sure what year I think if you post the seial number the guys can tell. They were made from 1941 to 1947 I think I 'm not real good with the trucks. Hope this helps the guys will correct me I'm sure.
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        And 1948.
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          Remember Studebaker only made rights & lefts for M Series trucks. So front fits rear and visea versa. Only the pick ups had the small wheel opening. You will find lots of fenders for the larger wheels which were used on M15's and up. I have some but they are rough too, and I am on the wrong side of the 49th to be much good to you.
          Brian Woods

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            Here's the link to fiberglass fenders.

            (read it backwards)

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              Call Erick at 239.822.1081. He has 2 great fenders waiting for you!!!
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