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More on the Woodward Dream Cruise.....

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  • More on the Woodward Dream Cruise.....

    I can't find that earlier post calling it "The Woodward Dream Snooze" but I must give a more positive spin on this event. It is wonderful, with thousands of special interest vehicles. It is loud, colorful, and crazy. It is Detroit's Marti Gras! The manufacturers were back with impressive displays. GM Performance had dozens of their famous engines on display in glass cases. The MOPAR exhibit was huge and if one felt like snoozing, Fiat was there with an upscale cafe with free espresso or capachino to wake you up. While I wouldn't want to make a Purple low-rider out of my '63 Lark, seeing stuff like that is part of the fun. The people attending the Dream Cruise are the best part. Everyone is so friendly. Even with the day long rain showers, I did not encounter one crabby person. The rain did stop, near days end and guys were quick to squeege off their cars. I thought they looked great when the water was beaded up on them and got some good pictures. Well, plan to be here next year. Peace, Huck in Detroit

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      Sorry Huck, but the "Dream Cruise" is a total waste of time. There is so much traffic on Woodward that nobody cruises. It is so spread out that you can't walk and cover even a small part of the cars parked. Paying an exorbitant price for a place to park your car is plain dumb. Major corperations treat it like their own backyards. And its only supposedly only a one day deal.

      Starting in the same week and ending on the weekend (yes both days) you can go to Flint for the "Back to the Bricks". They close the whole downtown area and park cars on the streets. The main street and the side streets on both sides along with the cross streets. Everything is within walking distance. Not only is it free, but they give away door prizes. The only thing you miss is watching Mom's mini van and Dad's pickup sitting in traffic on Woodward.
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        Kind of agree with BeeJay , I took my Champ truck one year and after about 6 hours we had covered 3 miles , my clutch leg was worn out and my truck was hot so we left down a side street.
        But then again ...everyone should do it at least once !

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          That is just one man's opinion (mine) about it being the Dream Snooze. I would rather be drag racing.
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