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1950 south bend indiana fire car

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  • 1950 south bend indiana fire car

    we are finishing a restoration of a studebaker champion into a South Bebd Indiana Batallion Chief"s car. We are hunting for a picture of the South Bend Fire department logo from 1950. Anyone out there have any studebaker firecar pictures from 1950 for South Bend that we can pull the logo from?
    sigpicStude Steve

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    Wasn't there a Studebaker factory fire brigade?
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      I expect when Richard Quinn sees this post you'll have your answer, and a photo. Although you have a better chance posting this in the general discussion forum. Try sending him a private message. His user name is "Studebaker Wheel."
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        These might be of interest to you:

        Chris Dresbach


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          Try looking up the SBFD website, they may have links to historical photos.


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            Don't believe I have anything on the '50 but here is 1959.
            Richard Quinn
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              Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post

              Don't believe I have anything on the '50 but here is 1959.
              Does anyone else note the irony of the "Quality" sticker in the lower corner of the wagon's windshield being crammed on in such a way that it isn't even entirely on the windshield's inner surface? Funny.
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                Looks to me that this request would be worth the effort to post on some of the local South Bend fire station bulletin boards. Having current and former firefighters in my family, I know the passion, pride, and traditions involved. Somewhere, tucked away in a family album or closeted box of pictures, is exactly what you're looking for.
                John Clary
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                  Thanks to all of you for your help. We have a firefighter in South Bend working on old South Bend Tribune articles and he has alrealdy covered what the Fire Department has. He actually has some 16mm film that shows a 1950 passing across the background of the footage with a fire department logo on it, but it is too far away to make it out clearly. We will keep working it.

                  sigpicStude Steve


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                    The Lark with the Battalion Chief logo has 2 crossed bugles, which is standard pretty much throughout the country for a BC rank. The other SBFD vehicles most likely used a more "uniform" logo. Like most fire depts., they probably changed design every few years or so too. I know, I've been a firefighter for 34 years, and like apparatus colors, I've seen logo designs come and go!