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  • Ping!! Dan giblin...

    Dan. I am looking back @ your prior post on that aluminum radiator you installed in your car. Is your car a Lark type? How does the radiator cool? I am interested in one for my 61. Your opinion is appreciated...Thanks.RICH

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    Bump!! Bump! Bump!!


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      Talking to myself here! Hey Dan,if you ever answer this post,I have compared the height of the aluminum radiator you used to mine and find the aluminum one is 3 inches shorter.Is that the case on yours too? I have emailed the guy and he will build anything I want.So how is the quality? Cooling OK? A lot of people say copper/brass cools better than aluminum,and vice versa.Still would like your opinion.Thanks.


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        You're a good listener, so it's always satisfying to talk yourself, Rich! <G> Maybe, try emailing him here: gibbsr1



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          I thought i replied earlier this AM....

          I like the radiator a lot. it's about 2 or 3 in shorter then stock but I havent noticed any reduced cooling. I've only logged about 450 miles but its never ran hot, even in the 90 deg + weather here in cincy. Its a freshly rebuilt 289 thats still breaking in (damn Moly rings) Hopefully they'll seat.

          The build quality, in my opinion is great. The only thing I'd change is to move the upper hose more towards the driver side. Id say go for it. How much are they asking for a a custom radiator? I think I payed 250 for this one.
          Dan Giblin
          Cincinnati, OH


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            Thanks Dan. Here is the radiator I have that I can not make fit without cutting into my core support.It is about 1 inch too wide. I am thinking of having a radiator like this made,slightly narrower and with mounting ears welded to the tank so it can mount like a stock top to bottom flow Stude radiator. Think that will stress the core since there will be no support under the head sheets as usual in a cross flow application? I have no price from them for my idea till I submit a sketch. Tha things I get myself into...
            And if someone is interested in this radiator I can't use----> EMAIL ME!! THANKS!


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              Originally posted by AKAchamptrucking View Post
              I have no price from them for my idea till I submit a sketch.
              Hey Rich, FWIW, see what kind of a deal they'll give for more than one of what you need. I'd take at least one, and I'd bet there are more Lark owners that would buy a custom-fit radiator for their car. Maybe we could give them a group order and save some money.
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                I will Bob if I decide to go that route. Just not sure...


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                  The one in Dads 54 Pickup is for a 67 Chevelle comaro or there abouts Bolted right in.
                  Rich give him a call for the details