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  • I did a dumb thing today

    I just posted on ebay, my 1963 GT Hawk Driver Side Door. While moving my inventory, I smahed tha door so flat like a pancake. What was your dumb thing. I hope I can say dumb thing without offending anyone.

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    Maybe not.
    Put some wall hanger brackets on it and call it 'Wall Art'...

    Originally posted by royvaldez View Post
    I just posted on ebay, my 1963 GT Hawk Driver Side Door. While moving my inventory, I smahed tha door so flat like a pancake. What was your dumb thing. I hope I can say dumb thing without offending anyone.
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      Many years ago when I was working on my '59 Lark 2-door, I popped off the baby moon hub cap from one of my aftermarket smoothie wheels and laid it on the ground. When I then removed the wheel, I laid it down a little too quickly, and smushed the beautiful chrome hub cap with the rim of the wheel! So sad.
      ~Matt Connor
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        When I woke up the Commander from it's 32 year sleep, I drove 6 miles to the local Discount tire store to have the old retreads removed and some new tires installed. I left the hub caps off on purpose as I did not want to trust the kids to reinstall correctly. When the car was done, out in the parking lot, I installed the hub caps. I had polished the chrome and waxed them. They really looked good. Got in the car and managed to drive 1/2 a mile before the RR came off and rolled to a rest at the off ramp of the interest. By the time I turned around to get it, minute and half or so, it had already been run over and crushed. Man I was mad at myself.
        2 months earlier, I had bought an NOS cap to have just in case, not thinking I would need it for a long while. Good thing it was on the shelf.

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          Attempting to remove a timing gear from the camshaft without removing the retaining bolt.
          Can you say "new camshaft"?
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            Dumb thing

            In about '03, I was moving a GT Hawk I had sold around my place without any help, and rolled it right past where I had intended for it 2 stop, shoving the windshield into the king pin of my 5th wheel trailer about an hour before the new owner, Richard Johnson arrived to pick it up. Fortunately, I had another w/s in stock to give him & he was satisfied with it. Oh, yeah, and I also got married:-)
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              I washed off my engine, not realizing that ducttape doesn't seal out water when stuck to greasy intake ports. Yup, water in the cylinders. At least I was already planning on rebuilding it. A good hone isn't that big of a deal.


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                I've never done anything dumb. (Ya right) But, the dumbest thing I ever saw was while I was out camping at a site in North Florida. We were inside because it was raining cats & dogs when a nice new 20 footer started backing in in the next site. The wife got out to put the chocks under the tires because there was a pretty good slope going down to the river. Once they were in place the husband got out and disconnected the trailer. When he crancked the front of the trailer off of the trailer hitch the trailer rolled into the river. The wife had put the chocks in front of the tires instead of behind them. I felt so bad for them but every time I looked at my wife we started laughing.


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                  Years ago we were restoring a 62 G.T. Hawk that I owned in the early 70's. I'd sold it in the late 80's and somehow got talked into restoring it too ( As we do!!!).We had the doors all primed and perfect,ready for final paint.We put them on the grassed area just behind the curb where we park cars. One of the body guys was being silly and started up a 2 ton 1949 Humber Super Snipe in the evening,put it in reverse and dropped the clutch,forgetting that the doors were there.The Humber jumped the curb and completely pancaked one of the doors in the middle from top to bottom.The door was about one inch thick across the center and had a perfect tire impression in it.You could measure the tire tread with using the door.
                  As we didn't have quick access to another door we quickly cut out the inner door section and panelled out the outer skin.We welded the inner back in and had the door back to perfect in three hours.The funny thing was that the door fitted and opened and closed much nicer than it did in the ten years I drove the car.The owner never new until I told him later how we made the door "BETTER" than it was.


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                    Dumbest thing, or just an oversite?

                    3/4 into removing an engine the hoist quit going up,
                    Crud ...stood the the engine dangled, will the hoist go high enough???
                    ah ha, It didn't have enough jack fluid. Click image for larger version

Name:	forehead slap.jpg
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ID:	1663067 Duh. More fluid added, up and out it went.
                    61 Lark



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                      I could write a book!!
                      Jamie McLeod
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                        I kicked a guy's door down once because I couldn't wake him and had left my apartments keys on his coffee table. The noise finally woke him and when I explained he asked "Then why didn't you kick down your own #$%^& door?" He was right, of course
                        Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                          I don't know about Wall Art, but I once knew an Art Wall <g>


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                            Yeah, well... I think we are all in danger of moments of genius and grace from time to time.

                            I had a '62 Lark sedan and a '52 Commander that taught me why Studebaker put those transmission/neutral lockout switches on the automatic steering columns.

                            I couldn't figure out why my Lark wouldn't start with the key. So, in the meantime, till I found a solution, I was jumpstarting the car. Well... one day I opened the door and let Nana in, popped the hood and proceeded to jump the car. It started right up (as usual) and took off in reverse. I hadn't noticed that the shift lever was in reverse. OOPS! So here's the car heading for a sixty foot high (drop) embankment with Nana cheerily sitting on the front seat. At the last moment the steering shot over to the right and the car swerved round to smash into the left side of the Commander! I didn't know weather to be glad the Commander stopped the Lark (with little or no damage to the Lark) or madder than hell that the Lark smashed in the driver's side doors on the Commander. I decided to lick my wounds (so to speak) and just be glad the old '52 gave herself to save me (and Nana) from my own stupidity.
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                              I was 18 or 19 driving a '56 Power Hawk, Black and Rust. (It was a bit of a beater!) Changed the distributor at a friend's driveway, timed the engine by ear and left for home.
                              Down the road I noticed I had no oil pressure!
                              When I tore down the engine I found the oil pump shaft in the bottom of the pan.