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Update Photos--53 ol skol-- Opinions?

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  • Update Photos--53 ol skol-- Opinions?

    As I have mentioned,probably too many times, I am building a early 60'S street rod. Studebaker Engine of course. These are a few update photos.
    I would like to hear your thoughts.

    This is the trunk mounted battery, like the one in my car 47 years ago.

    This is going to be a driver, but I still wanted to keep the Generator.

    Are the breezies too much?

    And a dash shot. Red metalfle steering wheel if you can't tell, and a sun tach is going to be mounted on the dash.

    some wiring, finishing brakes, gas tank, cool can, and seats, then a test drive. Tell me what you think.

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    A very nice start. IMHO the breezies are a bit go-faster and moving the tach to the top of the dash as you said is the right move.

    I'm liking it a lot so far.

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      I like what you have done, but nevertheless, build it the way you see fit. A 60's theme is great. Would be a boring world if we were all the same. I'm building a '55 C body and though I I look at everything on everyone's rod for ideas, the final determination on what way it is done, will be mine. The only person that has to be happy with it is me.

      Looking forward to more pictures, as you progress.



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        And to think you are only two months ahead of me.
        Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
        Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
        Lizella, GA


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          About the generator.
          Have you thought about finding a small sized alternator that could be modified to use the Gen housing? A friend did it for his Flathead 32 roadster.
          I've seen many more. Just a little bid of investigation work involved at the local parts joint.
          Orlando FLA


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            Why not put the tach on the steering column, I think that would qualify for a 60's look. And I would use an Optima battery, I know it's not 60's, but
            considering how prone to tipping your present set-up is I would go safety over period correct for this. It looks good to me, workmanship and attention
            to detail both appear to be excellent. Look forward to more pictures, on the road!!!!!!!!