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Need help from Muncie Indiana

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  • Need help from Muncie Indiana

    I would like to find out if there is a place in Muncie Indiana that can work on Studebakers.
    My stepson is a graduate student in physics at Ball State.
    I was considering letting him have a 62 Gt Hawk to use.
    I have more Studebakers than I can ever use up and he is a deserving student majoring in space physics on a full scholarship.

    Beside carrying a full load he will also teach undergraduates and he will have neither the tools nor time to be trying to fix cars.

    Help or advice are appreciated especially if you live in Muncie.


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    Having graduated from BSU even before David Letterman I can still remember helping a lady professor there with her 1925 Star. She drove a 1937 Ford four door convertible to work each day. I digress. A fraternity brother in Muncie that I last saw in 1959 gave me some leads to pass on when we talked on the phone. I will send you an email with some info on possible service providers and you can call me if you choose.
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      I grew up 45 minutes south of there, but now live outside Detroit. Wish I could help, but that would a long commute for service.

      Long shot here, when I worked in Indpls for 8 years, there was the best grinding man I ever met named Bob Bryant that worked in the basement on surplus WW2 equipment @ Wallace Expanding Machines. Loved that new light blue 85 Eldorado he purchased.

      That you Bob?

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        David, I am not that person, but I like his taste in cars. Another person with the same name was mentioned when I joined the forum, but I think he was in California.
        "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." author unknown