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  • Dave's Favs #17

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    Dave Lester

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    All right, who let that farm implement on the drag strip??


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      If it is stock, I think maybe the spectators got tired of waiting for the first lap to finish and went home <g>
      If it was really stock, shouldn't there be about 18 sacks of grain or a cord or 5 of wood in the box to lower it down on the rear springs for the -you know- "traction"? <ggg?
      love it. Local fellow had restored a 47 to that standard, except that he painted the fenders black


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        Best part about that pic...
        Gary had a whole 20 miles on that truck since it's rebuild....
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          Originally posted by Jim B PEI View Post
          If it is stock, I think maybe the spectators got tired of waiting for the first lap to finish and went home <g>
          That's Gary Ash. And yep, she's all stock.

          I was told it was timed with a sundial, but cannot verify that.
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            Click image for larger version

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              That was a fun day (except for JDP's fried wiring system). Charlotte International Meet. Drag racing in Mooresville, just north of Charlotte. Great Pictures.
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                I had a buddy years back who's first trip down the dragstrip was in his recently aquired 80-something Trans Am GTA. Nice car I guess.
                It was a Friday so small crowd, all the cars lumped into one class for a gamblers bracket race, winner take all.
                He drew a 7 second rail in the first round. I remember him telling the story, he felt he was 100 feet from the end and looking in the rear view mirror, the tree were just coming down for the rail to leave the line. He blinked and saw a chute open in front of him. Yea, he lost.