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    This guy made me laugh! I'd like to meet him. He must have a lot of fun where he's located
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    I see by the tag that he is in the North Bay area which would put him in Red..errr...Orange County rural, right? <ggg>


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      No Napa county is wine country, my be drinks his share,
      Castro Valley,


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        I think some of our "Left Coast" members should contact this guy and convince him that saving that car could be lots more fun than saving the planet! In the process it would be much easier to see the results of his efforts. In short time he could have loads of satisfaction in knowing that there can be documented proof that the Studebaker has been saved!
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

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          Too bad he doesn't know WHAT he's advertising--this is a Champion, not a Commander.



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            Interesting reading for sure. Perhaps he should go into the electric automobile business with Jethro Clampett. Jethro had an electric car back in the 1960's that didnt even require those nasty toxic batteries like all other electric cars have, he simply used a verrrrrry long extension cord. Genius!
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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              Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
              This guy made me laugh! I'd like to meet him. He must have a lot of fun where he's located

              LMAO it is so good to see someone with a sarcastic sense of humor without having about the carbon credit boondoogle while selling a Stude that can be saved. Just goes to show not everyone has a CUTA about life.


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                1950 Stude in N CA

                This would be a great deal for Roy, except that he knows what a dead 4 dr Champ is worth...
                Barry'd in Studes


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                  Well, the title of the CL ad DOES say $20...


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                    Originally posted by Jim B PEI View Post
                    Well, the title of the CL ad DOES say $20...
                    He does state 100 people at $20 each for his asking price of $2000.
                    Gary L.
                    Wappinger, NY

                    SDC member since 1968
                    Studebaker enthusiast much longer