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Please help identify Stude gasket numbers

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  • StudeRich
    Just open your S.I. Catalog to the Engine Gaskets page, (Book or Web page) many of those are pictured there.
    All 6XXXXX and 16XXXXX numbers are Truck, all 4XXXXX are Packard, the 15's (Seven Digit) were created in 1956, the 5XXXXX (Six Digits) are created pre-1956 but of course COULD carry on in later years also.

    The gasket with two rectangles and four bolt holes is the 6 Cyl. Exhaust Heater Box Gasket being called a divider gasket, there unfortunately are many sizes for various years.

    Probably only a Studebaker Vendor could actually use that many different years, most people would not own enough different years of cars to use all those, and their value is too low to individually sell them on ebay, the fees are more than they are worth.

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    started a topic Please help identify Stude gasket numbers

    Please help identify Stude gasket numbers

    I purchased a bunch of gaskets on Ebay, a lot of them are for AMC but it did come with some for Studebakers. Here is a list.

    1561429 this I know is an oil pan set for a champ motor 1955-64.

    1550812 a 6 cylinder exhaust gasket set? Has a long gasket, a gasket that looks like an exhaust pipe to manifold gasket (2 hole mount with metal around the large hole) and another gasket that looks similar but is a lot thicker with no metal around the large hole.

    536561 an oil pan gasket set but do not know what it fits.

    458671 an oil pan gasket set but do not know what it fits. (2 sets of these)

    S-292 Has "use 683518" written on the package It has a long gasket that has (6) ports? that are rectangular and (3) ports? that are round, a gasket that looks like a carburetor mounting gasket with (2) large rectangular openings and (4) holes that look like mounting holes and a gasket that looks like an exhaust pipe mounting gasket. (3 sets of these)

    436503 This has (2) gaskets that look like a small 4 barrel mounting gasket, (2) gaskets with (4) round holes (2 about 1-1/4" and 2 about 1-1/2" diameter), another gasket that looks the similar but has (3) smaller holes and (1) of the larger holes, and a round donut gasket about 3" diameter that looks like it is made of metal about 1/4" diameter.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what any of these gasket sets fit (except the 1561429 set).

    Does anyone need any of these sets?