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    Are the Vin # and engine # the same for 63 Avanti R2's? If not, how would I know if a car has the origional engine. How would I know if it wasn't an R1 if the supercharger had been removed? If the supercharger was removed and a/c added with old R2 carb left on, seems like someone would just remove the a/c and install a new supercharger w/hoses? Both won't fit right? Please excuse the novice questions.
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    Don't guess, be SURE! Record the serial number from the Serial Number Plate on the frame and use it to order the Production Order from the Studebaker National Museum on line or by mail, it will tell you the Accessories ordered, the Ign. and Door Key number, the gloves boxes key number, the Engine Number, the body number, the line number, color exterior and Interior, city delivered to, maybe the Dealer's Name and much more.

    The quick answer is: the Engine Number will be RXXXX for R1, and RSXXXXX for R2 Supercharged.
    This will not tell you if it is THE ORIGINAL engine, but sure will clear up whether or not it's a real R2 engine at least!

    Here is the link:
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      You do not have to remove the supercharger to install the air, unless you are going for an original setup. If you move the battery box to the trunk, you can mount the compressor on that side, with a belt that runs the alternator on one side and goes all the way across the front of the engine to power the compressor. I have seen it that way at least once, and it worked very well.


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        There is no relation between engine number and serial number, just as there is no relationship between body number and serial number. Engines were banked and used in a more or less last in first out order. As was stated previously, an R1 as originally installed in an Avanti will be prefixed by R and the R2 will begin with RS. A JT engine brefixed with a JT or JTS was originally installed in a non Avanti application.
        Get the Production Order from the SNM. The Shipper should be available as well.


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          Originally posted by whacker View Post
          You do not have to remove the supercharger to install the air,/Cut/
          Yes that IS true, if you wish to desecrate a very rare and valuable, Original Classic Automobile!
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            One more time, where can the engine number be found? Thanks.
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              Left/drivers side, front of engine on the block, just before the valley cover. Here is a pic of mine. Should help you to locate it.
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