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  • Starlight Studebaker Interiors update

    Continued HUGE THANKS to all for your support and patience as we sort, organize, shelve, and inventory everything. If you've been following our blog, you know we've been plugging along and have a lot of the boxed inventory on shelves. There will still need to be quite a lot that is sorted and stored as "overstock" in crates and on pallet-racks, but we're going to try to keep track of quantities so that we know total numbers of each piece we have.

    Will has just under two weeks left of summer "vacation" and I'm already back to school, so we're spending every spare minute at the shop to get as much done as we can to get up and running soon. We've been predicting late August or early September and it's going to be a big push to do that, but we're trying and will keep you posted. We've still yet to do the big door panel shuffle! That will take at least an entire weekend, for sure.

    As we sort through all of the pieces and parts that were put into crates either by us during the move or by others in the past, we've come across some oddball things, for sure. Does anyone know anything about a cloth Avanti interior? Perhaps it was sewn as a sample... it's not quite corduroy, but it's a finely-corded tan fabric seat back. Groovy.... but not as groovy as the neon-yellow tri-star pattern that we found. Strange but fun stuff... The link to see the pics of these is

    "The Common Sense Car"

    '61 Lark "Isabella"
    '63 Lark "Lucy"
    '63 Wagonaire "Carl"
    A bunch of other Larks
    '50 Starlight, '55 Speedster , '58 Packard Hardtop, '59 Pickup, '64 Avanti "Jerry"

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    Thanks for keeping us updated...and keeping us in mind!



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      I think that the cloth seat cover/upholstery may be for an early Avanti II.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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        Always wishing you two the best! Keep up the great work!
        Third pic down (red seat cover) looks like one I saw in a 64 Commander.
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          I guess, from the teasers at Glendale, that the wait will be worth it.