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  • Slow learner, that's me

    I am a slow learner here on the forum, I don't go off checking out the different things with the forum and where they will take you but for some reason I did check out the box for notifications and what a surprise people were sending me messages that I never knew about and never answered, so from now on I will be checking this area and sorry if I never answered one from you, it's not something I did knowing...Bob
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    Bob, what box is this?,I to am a slow learner!
    Joseph R. Zeiger


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      Bob, if you click on settings at the top and then general settings in the next window on the left you can customize how you want to receive e-mail notification of private messages as was possible in the old format.
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        Bob you may be a slow learner,but you got a damn good memory.
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          LOL, SURPRISE!!! Yeah, VBulletin has one of the better Private Messaging systems going. Where is it? Look to the top left of your window. You will see:

          Welcome, username Notifications 6 My Profile Settings Log Out

          I've put the number six by Notifications as an example. If you don't have any unread messages, there won't be a number there, just a down arrow.

          Bob, you might want to look into your settings. Aparently you aren't getting notified via your e-mail when you get P.M.ed (recieve a personal message).
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