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The great Studey hunt begins again...

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  • The great Studey hunt begins again...

    Well its been about 7 months since the 62 left... I've got the itch I'm looking for one that can be used as a daily driver in the 2500 to 3000 range. I'd prefer a V8 and a 2 door as it will need to be able to support the addition of a/c. I'm in Southern California. If anyone nearby knows of a decent sound car, let me know.

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    I'm glad to hear that you are getting back in the saddle once again Bob. Good luck with your search and find the right car this time around.

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      If you can't find what you want in that range, I have a 64 survivor you can have for $4500, V8 Cruiser with original interior in stellar shape. Strong running gear, good paint.


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        Under $4000,00 ?

        One of the things you may have learned from the last (three STRIKE), FOUR disasters MIGHT BE, CHEAPER usually equates to MORE EXPENSIVE in the longer run!

        As always; your time, your money, Just say'n
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          Hi Bob,
          Good to see you are going to try it again.
          I'm sure there is a car out there that your looking for.
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            Hey Bob, Rich has a point. Save up a little more and get a lot more car to start with. Best of luck- I hope this time is the charm, and you find 'The One'!
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              Point taken.. though this time, i have a daily driver and not as dependent on the studebaker as i was previously.