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Champ front panel & Lark front panel

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  • Champ front panel & Lark front panel

    Can some one please post a few pictures of the diffrence between a 59-60 Lark front panel &
    a 62 Champ truck panel it needs to show the very bottom of the panel by the bumper.On the Lark picture if any one has
    the bumper off thats what i need to see.Thank you for any help on this.

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    They cut a large hole out of the center of the lower part of the Champ front Panel above the bumper for extra air flow because the bumper was lowered to fit the frame and the body was mounted high on the frame. So that is why the "Lark" bumper crease/recess shows on the Champ.
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      In otherwords Lenny, if you want to use the front panel from a 59-60 Lark, all you have to do is likewise cut the same hole in the bottom and it will work.
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