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Help with parts 51 r20 truck

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  • Help with parts 51 r20 truck

    Hi guys can anyone tell me what years and models of truck parts will fit my 51 1 1/2 ton like does 1/2 ton parts fit ... need window winder guts parts thanks cowboy sorry it is an R16 or R17 not positive yet
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    The C cabs are the same so the door parts should fit 1949 to the end of their use. I am not an expert on the finer points of what may have been upgraded in later years, but not much changed. Certainly, parts from R series 49-53 trucks would be interchangeable.

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      The cabs are the same on the 2R series (49-53). The 3R series got a new grille and one-piece windshield. The E series got a bigger rear window. The 2E series got a modified grille, and a wider track on the pickup rear axles. The fiberglass grille appeared on the 3E series. The 54-55 dash cluster was unique, but reappeared in 12v form on the 5E-8E big trucks. The 2E-4E dash cluster had idiot lights for amps and oil pressure. Biigger trucks (1-2 ton) got front fenders with bigger cutouts if equipped with bigger tires. All of the doors are the same, and the fenders will all interchange, though the location of bolt holes for the grille varies. Virtually all mechanical parts will interchange with trucks similarly equipped. Three basic engines were available, the Champion 6, the Commander big 6 (thru 1960), and various displacements of V8. In the bigger trucks, both 4 and 5 speed transmisstions were available at various times.
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