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parting out 64 studebaker

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  • parting out 64 studebaker

    i have a 64 studebaker daytona that iam parting out. everything in this car is working. there are 84 original miles on the motor and tranny. if there is any one needing parts for their studebaker please contact me and we will see what we can do. 406 471 5898 you can also email me at
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    First thing we need is more info on the key areas. First of all is rust. How about some pictures of the floors in the front, inside the trunk, and a couple underneath? Next is which engine- 6 cyl. or V8? If it's a V8, we need the engine number- it's stamped into the block on the driver's side, at the front, on top, probably under a coating of grease. Next, transmission- auto or manual?

    Based on what we have seen in your many eBay listings, it appears to be worth $3-500. It may be worth a bit more in parts, but not enough to be worth the time and effort to piece off.

    If it's a V8 engine and the rust isn't too severe, it could be worth a little more; it is a preferred body style. The above information and pictures will help us guide you on how to best proceed.

    Another note- this should have been posted on the 'General Discussion' page. I'm sure our Moderators will move it there soon.

    Get us the info, and good luck!

    EDIT: Looking at your latest eBay listing I see it's a 289 V8. Has that been verified? The rest of the info is still important.
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      Well it does LOOK like a $500.00 to $800.00 car to the right person, living in the right area, but not hauled long distance, and it does not seem to be in driver condition, running only.

      But, it's a long way to the International Shipping docks in Seattle (Big $), to ship the steel off to Korea for scrap, so I don't see it bringing anywhere near that for scrap. So I don't see a problem letting it go for what it is worth!

      I do understand the looky-lu's wanting it for $100.00 are a pain, but someone will BUY IT for 5-800!
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        yes it is a v8 there is little rust. the rocker pannels need to be replaced. it is an automatic and i think the numbers read 15516 i will look again.