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How many heater cores

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  • How many heater cores

    I recently inspected a 63 Canadian built GT at a cruise night (known around Hamilton as The Alley Hawk) because thats where it has resided for a few years before being put back on the road.I noticed it not only has the heater core box on the inner right fender but also has two heater cores with fans under the front seat.Was this an available option
    or is it a add-on ? It sure looked factory to me. I know prior to 63 the heater was under the seat but was under the impression after 62 it was moved to the inner fender.
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    The panels to be cut out are still in the floor, and an Auxiliary under seat heater was available from Studebaker for the driver's side, and there is no reason you could not use two Kits or a RHD Kit in a '63 in a very cold climate, if you really want to be HOT!

    Special Factory Order, Dealer installed, Owner installed? Without the Production Order or Dealer sales invoice it's hard to tell.
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      Ask the man who drove them.

      My dad's original 1963 Hamilton-made GT has both underseat heaters, and a 1962 GT I drove to university also had both underseat heaters.

      The reason I know this is that tall student passengers would accidentally kick them, and then you would have a steam bath in the car and have to pass out the window scrapers if it was cold. We went through lots of stop leak cubes. Fortunately, the heat valve seemed to shut off the water, so then it was just a case freezing on the way home until we could fix the heaters.