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  • Part numbers needed(pics)

    This is kind of a strange request, but hang with me. Several months ago, I took my GT to a guy who runs a one man shop, and specializes in older vehicles. He changed out the turn signal switch, but put the steering wheel on upside -down. I took it back last week after I had recovered somewhat from my surgery, to get the steering wheel put back on correctly. He fixed it, and moved the car out front, to move in a 59 Chevy custom for some A/C work. An older customer of his drove by and saw the Stude, and wanted to take a look at it, but because of the heat, did not want to get out of his van. So, he ran into it! He couldn't get close enough, so he jambed on the gas to get closer.... and moved the front end of the car over on the frame. Untill he got out, he did not even realize what he had done.
    His insurance agent called me, and was concerned that I might be trying to mess with them because he was told that the guy had hit a Grand Torino, you know, like in the Clint Eastwood movie, and he knew that there were no Grand Torino's in 1962. After straightening him out, his only comment was "Oh, !!!!" . They are going to pay for everything, but the problem is trying to get together an estimate with the body shop guy. We need the part numbers on two items. They are noted on the CD for the body, but have no part numbers. One is the side grill on a GT....
    ref. no. is 0502-15

    The other is the drivers side wheel opening moulding, ref. no. 1601-33.

    This last photo is does not look too bad, however when the insurance guy opened the hood, it now sits about an inch over the fender, and cannot be closed.

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    The side grille # is:1343517,[ this is the potmetal mldg and the sheet metal filler as one part separate # available for just the tin. ]
    The wheel opening mldg part # is 1314793.


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      All you do is flip the pages past the Picture page you got the picture numbers from to the first Text and search for the same Pic numbers to get the PART NUMBER for your model 62V-K6 IF they are of the same Group number, which in this case they are not.

      The Left side Grille is going to be in Group 5 Cooling, and the Wheel Well Moulding is in Group16 Fenders and Hood, both in the Chassis Book.

      The first digit of the picture number is for the Group Number, and those Group numbers are not in the Body Book, so you go to the Chassis Book.

      This info will be helpful in the future.
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        Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I have the CD, and not the book. I wonder if they are different, because I looked 20 pages past the pic, and 20 pages in front of the pic. I know that it can vary.