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Update on "Pretty", AKA "The Mystery Hawk"

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  • Update on "Pretty", AKA "The Mystery Hawk"

    Just thought I'd give ya'll an update on my Studebaker Hawk. Mike Griffith and I finished up weekend before last. She's got new shocks, shoes, master cylinder and wheel cylinders, front drums, brake hoses, new fuel line, tie rod ends and the gas tank has been taken down, cleaned and inspected, plus the steering gearbox tightened up a bit..(1/4 turn on the adjusting screw). Oh, and a new drivers side outside mirror. I couldn't have done the job without Mike, he put in a lot of time with my car, and in teaching and reteaching things that I either didn't know, or had forgotten. I haven't wrenched on anything bigger than a lawnmower since I got out of the USAFR in 2001, so I had a lot of learnin' ahead of me. Mike also put in time on her when I wasn't there to help during the week. Thanks Mike!! Anyway, she drives MUCH better, still a touch loose in the steering, but new kiingpins are in the cards, plus a possible 1/8th turn on the gearbox screw. She stops nicely too, and runs better. NOW...the WCFB carb is coming off, and an Edelbrock 1403 is going in it's place, plus a Pertronix Ignitor III and flamethrower coil combo, along with new wires, cap and rotor..(plugs are already in). Then, the AC will be done, I'll try to find some way to put some modern audio equipment in her with out cuttin on anything, and with the exception of kingpins and bushings, she'll be done..for the time being, at least.
    BTW, Studebaker International and Studebaker.Com are FIRST RATE in my book, they did me a good job each time I ordered parts, and I want to publicly thank them too!! Great companies, and good people.
    Anyway, I drove "Pretty" to my daughter's daycare Saturday, they were having a "luau", so I had the big beads, the bright orange and cream Hawaiian shirt, and I rolled into the lot with Pretty..the young lady who's the administrator was in the parking lot, and her jaw dropped when she saw the Stude..lot of the adults liked it, the kids loved it, and my daughter was telling everybody about her dad's "1961 Studbakerhawk!!"
    Oh..the Mystery Hawk moniker? The car was spotted by the local SDC chapter just before I purchased it..Mike told me that she was the topic of discussion at the next meeting, "everybody was wondering who owned her.." So he played along for a bit. So now she's known as "Pretty, The Mystery Hawk!!"
    Later ya'll..

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    My 2 cents let Pertronics keep there coil. Done been down that road. Get a coil off of a 1968 Ford truck. With post. Some have clips.


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      Excellent update, sounds like you're having fun with your car, that's what it's all about! My grand daughter loves it when I pick her up in one of my old cars. Word of caution, don't tighten that steering box adjustment too much, you'll create a tight spot in your steering and damage the box. I learned that lesson the expensive way!
      Dwight 54 Commander hardtop