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  • Oh so sad...

    Well at least it's a four door.
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    Yeah but it had Avanti hub caps on it. what a waste of a good Studebaker
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      And how about this one--the 1st commercial is for a Lark Cruiser. Six "astronaut trainees" wearing space helmets fit just fine (don't hold your breath) but notice when they egress, the car squeaks?



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        Wow!!!! In today's litigious society...wonder if we could get a class action law suit against Mobile for causing us SDC members PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome)?
        John Clary
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          Ohhh...the horror! The horror!
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            This ad has been repeatedly referred to in numerous other threads. This is the first time a link has been posted to my knowledge, thank you for doing so. Now that I've seen it, I remember seeing it on T.V. Someone has mentioned that this was filmed in either Perth or Sydney, Australia.

            An interesting dramatic presentation, however, not very scientific in it's method. I like the N.T.S.B. footage better as it puts the cars in a more realistic situation. Therefore it's something that one can relate to. As to this ad, all I can say is that I'll remember to be careful in ten story parking garages.
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              Hey, what's wrong with sedans?

              But on the bright side, at least Studebaker made a sale on this one!


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                Originally posted by studeclunker View Post
                As to this ad, all I can say is that I'll remember to be careful in ten story parking garages.
                And the old Packard plant in Detroit! http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...hlight=detroit

                Thanks for the '^HEADS-UP^'



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                  Ow, dang, that's rough! Wish they'd shown the car upright, and how the frame, dash, column etc. Had reacted.

                  Reminds me of that idiotic new Malibu vs. 59 Chevy test. At least this was with a then-current car, as opposed to a collector car.
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                    Originally posted by Nelsen Motorsports View Post
                    After this video I clicked on one to the side- Fun on the beach 1951. There's a Studebaker in it (for about one second).
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