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And last but not least - On the Road with Grace - Day 5

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  • And last but not least - On the Road with Grace - Day 5

    • At idle, usually the system will charge.
    • At these higher speeds, the ammeter needle will swing wildly and erratically from heavy charge to heavy discharge.
    • All of the above.
    • None of the above.

    Kindest regards,

    Alan Mende
    Grantville, PA

    I'm not a mechanic; I don't even play one on TV.

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    Brings a George Harrison song to mind.....(one of my favorites)

    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there" (a Lewis Carroll quote put to song..)

    Sometimes you just have to let go and let it flow....
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      Fantastic story thank you for taking us along for the ride.
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        Alan, Glad to hear your positive outlook despite the setbacks. Sounds like the Turners are the first class people their reputation has led me to believe. I dont remember, did you replace the generator earlier in life when Grace first exhibited charging problems? I am just thinking a generator is basically a motor running in reverse. Could your field coils be grounding intermititently (sp) ? It would seem that it would display symtoms similar of a starter with the same problem ie: its dead, tap it or shock it several times and it works. You are basically shocking it when you tap on the regulator or shaking it hard enough to break contact when you run over the rumble strips. My SWAG. Steve


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          I had a 53 chevy pickup that I had problems with the charging system I took off the generator and regulator off my 46 and put it on my 53 and that didn't work but the set worked on my 46 that came off the 53 ? so I changed them back and the charging system then worked again on my 53 both worked on the 46 ??? I'm a old hand at polarizing so that wasn't the problem, But I had problems from time to time with that 53 and the parts were never to blame tried remote ground straps and all. I know how these things can drive you crazy.

          My Wife got to go to Indy last year, she brought me back a t-shirt :>)


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            Excellent report. Can't wait to see the whole works (with pictures) in TW!
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              Thank you, all. I'd list your names, but I'm afraid I'd miss someone, and that wouldn't be right. You are all a part of my extended family, and I hope to someday meet all of you whom I've not yet met. You have taken your precious time to either comment on Bob's and my adventure or to offer your own insights into the problems we have encountered. As much as we all like Studebakers, it is you and people like those we met along our way who are the most important. I feel priviledged to have come to know all of you in some way or other.
              Kindest regards,

              Alan Mende
              Grantville, PA

              I'm not a mechanic; I don't even play one on TV.


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                I have to bow to you. THAT was a story!! Well written, thorough and suspenseful. Left us hanging, every day. Do you write soap-operas?



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                  How far is Hummelstown from Pittsburgh?

                  There is an electric shop in McKeesport--Auto World Electric- that has a supply of freshly rebuilt 6 volt generators and starters that were left over from a closeout years ago
                  A couple days a week their resident 6 volt expert wanders in and works on 'old stuff' and he knows his poop
                  The guy sold me a 4 pole starter for my '55 for i think- about 85 bucks and that solved permanently my slow starting problems[ 4 poles are essentially GM housings with a Stude snout]

                  i'm not sure how he could check your generator - regulator problem off the car-- but his expertise might be worth a road trip or at least a phone call


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                    i'm not sure how he could check your generator - regulator problem off the car- Thats' the way they want them. together, off the car.

                    Your charging problem reminded me of one like it I had. Solved the problem by examining closely the brushes in the generator. The professional Studebaker people who had re-habbed my '53 had unknowingly wrapped one of the brush wires around part of the spring mechanism. As the brush wore, it made and lost contact, until I released the wire. It's run fine since.


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                      Thank you so much for sharing the adventure. Though it didn't turn out exactly what had been planned, still, this second trip seems to have been a lot of fun. I do hope you find out what's ailing Grace.

                      Thanks again for including us!
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