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4-spd. Daytona $3500, GA

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    Originally posted by N8N View Post
    Indeed. You fix that trunk light yet? :P

    Exactly what I fear. If I just have to spend a hour on a cheap Avanti's trunk light, think how nuts I'd go on on that Daytona.
    JDP Maryland


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      Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
      Wow, lots of action on this one while I was away- just as there should have been! Talk about a perfect system- car is found at good price, group is notified, buyer jumps on it, member checks it out, good appraisal is made, and car finds new home. very cool teamwork!

      I figured if JDP saw it he'd be on it. Certainly it's a desirable car at a good price.

      Great work on the pictures Steve, and for going all out to help a member! John owes you. I would be comfortable knowing what I was getting thanks to your pictures; you knew just what to show. As stated, it's a fair price for the car as a keeper, not enough room for a flip. Would be cool to see it redid Good show all!

      Not sure if a member got it in the long run, but I do owe Wolfie for saving me from a at best a break even deal. It worked the way it should of though. I committed to the buy if the car was as described, but there were too many unknown issues that Wolfie found. The owner was unaware, but honest and he had buyers behind me, so it worked out.
      JDP Maryland