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    Hi Everyone!
    As it's stated, I'm new to this forum. I'm 63, born and raised in Elkhart, In. Grew up around and near the Studebakers. My Dad and I both have owned Studies. His was Lark and mine was a 53 President. Both cars long gone by now. Where my Dad worked (Finnell System), had a Studebaker Dealer (Lusher I think) attached to the front street end of the building. This is where he bought his first and I beleive his last Studie.

    Anyway, had a friend of mine call and ask me to help him with his new purchase. A 1962 Studebaker Hawk Landau. This is/was a Montana car with little rust and in pretty good shape. He bought it from a local, that is (I think) in his 80's and decide to sell, because of his age. Plenty of parts came with and was told that the Landau was fairly rare. I have the VIN ( 62V34690) and have attempted to find something on it, but so far not much luck. He wants to put the car in OEM condition. He has asked for my help, as he is not to mechanical, paint and body and not to knowledgeable about cars. So, with me knowing a sliver of info on Studebaker, I figured this would be good place to start. So, anyone have any info or input for me? Thanks, JT

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    welcome to the forum JT. Here are some good resources to check out ....
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      Welcome to the forum! If you and the owner are not already members join the Studebaker Drivers Club. Also contact the Studebaker National museum and get a copy of the cars production order. That will give you specific info about that particular car. Several vendors have the manuals for your car and you will need them. I prefer the real books over the CDs myself but either will suffice and the CDs are much cheaper. The folks here will answer any other questions you have. Good Luck, Steve
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          Welcome to SDC and to the SDC Forum. I can help you tune up those old memories a bit.
          Your " '53 President" may have been a '53 Commander or Land Cruiser, or maybe even a '55 President. There were no '53 Presidents.

          There were no "Landau's" as such, but some '62 and '63 GT Hawks have been aftermarket modified to add a Vinyl Covered roof to simulate the '64 GT Hawk that had an option for a Vinyl FRONT half roof.

          Most of the mods however, are on the REAR half of the roof (like other makes had) that was never offered in Production in any year.

          If your friend has one that may have been custom ordered by a Studebaker Corp. executive or a one-off prototype with documentation, such as the Production Order, it would truly be rare.

          Enjoy the Club, the Forum and the Studebakers, both of you!
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            Thanks everyone for the replies and the links. And I do stand corrected on the year. It was a 55 President. I have the only picture that I can come up with at this time. I do have a side view somewhere.?? Studebaker's were a big part of my life, being only 25 miles from the South Bend plant. Can only remember one dealer in my area (Bill Lusher). My Dad and him were friends and it was only about four blocks from where I grew up. I have been seeing some pretty nice Studies out and about lately. Seen one the other day at a Car Show that I don't recall seeing before. It was a VERY nice White 2 dr Wagon. Pretty cool looking, actually. It could have just came off the Show Room Floor. Very nice.

            Not to bore anyone, but I am a car lover from way back, as I stated earlier. I have a couple of originals, that I have had for several years and a few project cars around. I'm not real particular on makes and so on. But the Wife did say that I was going to have to stop trying to save everyone that I came across . So my stable has a 31 Chevy, 2-37 Plymouth's, 40 Packard Dealer Service Truck, 48 De Soto, 2-49 De Soto's, 53 Dodge Pickup, 58 Volkswagen, 2-64 Corvair Conv. w/1 being a Spider, 65 Corvair Conv., and last but not least a 76 Mustang II. Unfortunately they are all in different stages of repair. I've started Powder Coating and it has kind of gotten in my way. Plus youi have all the Honey Do's and home repairs to take into the mix. Basically, I guess you could say I have a salvage yard, except for a couple. I have my regular driver a 37 Plymouth Street Rod, that I have had for 32 years (my favorite) and the Wife's 64 Corvair that is getting a re-do . Anyway, I've rattled on long enough, so again thanks for the welcome and the replies.
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              Welcome to the site, JT. Feel free to post a pic or three of your '40 Packard truck. There's a lot of Packard lovers here too....
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                The PAckard truck isn't much to look at, but have been gathering parts for it for a few years. Found this one in Hannibal Mo. It came from a dealer in St. Louis according to the Packard Historian located there, who also personally knows the truck and the Dealer. Pretty cool, I thought. It's currently stuck out of the way, but will see if I can get some pics over the next week. Thanks for the welcome.