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Day 1 with Grace -- On the Road (long post)

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  • Day 1 with Grace -- On the Road (long post)

    Kindest regards,

    Alan Mende
    Grantville, PA

    I'm not a mechanic; I don't even play one on TV.

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    Great report Alan! However, it made me tired just reading it <G>.
    Winston-Salem, NC
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      wow, your adventure has had some suprises already, here's to hoping your repairs are all taken care of for now.

      On that Garmin: check a few things, Depending on model.

      Main startup screen: Tool: Settings: Navigation: Route Preference and /OR Avoidances:

      Place a check mark on which avoidances you'd like to avoid, with a check mark on Highway's your garmin should stay away from interstates. Toll roads also if it's listed in the options. Then press OK.

      Most times in "Route Preference" "Shorter distance" versus "Faster Time" can produce those same results, depending on model.

      Good luck.......
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        Great read, posts are never too long when they are interesting. Keep posting



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          Glad you got your starting and charging issues straightened out. Hopefully that will be the end of your mechanical issues for the trip. Good Luck, Steve


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            BE PREPARED! Even if you weren't a Boy Scout, YOU ARE READY!

            Your story reminds me of the movie, "The Great Race". Professor Fate's henchman, Max, has rigged many of the other cars in the race to have problems. And they do. It seems Max has rigged YOUR car to have ALL the problems! But what an Intrepid Motorist you are! NEVER GIVE UP! Is that the American spirit or what?



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              Thank you for a great Adventure story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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                Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun! The problems only make things more interesting. I hope though, the rest of the trip is more trouble free.

                By the by:
                One thing you might consider for that rub-spot is a bit of (tire) patching material. The rubber is thicker, more durable, and will seriously outlast the ductape. Speaking of which, if there was a shiny spot, you might want to check the tape regularly. Wonderful stuff though, Ductape.
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