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  • classic enterprises panel fit

    Has anyone here ever used classic enterprises door and fender patch panels for a C-cab? How do they fit? Thanks Brian

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    Hey, Brian. You'll probably get more response on the Studebaker Truck Talk forum. In fact, you could search the archives and get a good feel for it.

    Tell me about your truck. Is it in Willard? I have a '57 in the southeast corner of the state. I'll expect to see yours next June.


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      Don't know about the C-cab stuff, but I used their M cab corners and they fit great. I suspect the C-cab stuff is the same quality.


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        Be prepared to do some fitment and spend some time.

        Classic's stuff is good, but you may need to reshape curves and do finish work to the pieces. I used the door bottoms, inside and out and they weren't just "tack on and go"; it took a bit to trim and bend and fit them. Bish
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          It's been ten years since I used their C cab panels; they need tweaked. They are not from original molds but are probably the best you'll find. Same can be said for all model patch panels. I've used them on my own Lark types and C/K.
          Even panels for modern vehicles, factory and after-market, often need some adjustment in application. Often, the after-market fits better than factory.
          Compared to self-fabrication they will save much time.
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            I used all their panels on my just completed 2R5 (except for the pickup box parts) . I had a good body man do the work over a year period. Tweaking was necessary and you need some body work and welding skills but the results were excellent. The rear of front fenders was the most challenging as the hinge post, cab mount and fender were rusted to nothing. Experience and skill is essential in such cases. I would do it again same way. I posted some pics on the STT forum a while ago.


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              Lamont's panels have changed over the years and the fit keeps getting better. Instead of a curve at the top of the "hinge bulge" in the bottom of the door panel, it was a sharp crease when I purchased mine about 7 years ago. BUT it beat the heck out of starting with a flat piece of steel, a hammer, and a tree trunk... as I had done previously.