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Chris' other Eye Candy 7/7 SNM Avanti

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  • Chris' other Eye Candy 7/7 SNM Avanti

    Chris Dresbach

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    It looks nice. Maybe someone can volunteer to repaint the wheels <G>.

    I wonder if it is loaned to the SNM or owned by them. My Avanti on loan to the SNM was given away to someone else. I believe that the staff of the SNM is much better now. I now send them money again.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      I think this one belongs to the SNM, but I'm not 100% sure. I wish they would let me take it for a test drive before putting it back in the museum...
      Chris Dresbach


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        WOW! Look at that big oil spot in the street! LOL

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