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Adjusting Avanti Power Window Spring Tension?

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  • Adjusting Avanti Power Window Spring Tension?

    My 1963 Avanti's electric windows come down too fast and go up waaaaay too slow. I have already adjusted, cleaned, greased, and the result is not much improvement. Before I take the doors apart again, is there a way to wind the assist spring tighter? I do not see any such instructions in the shop manual, but it seems to me that this would be the easiest way to cure my problem.

    I have not been able to find this particular question answered here before, so I figured I would give it a shot.

    Thanks, Bill Henderson

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    I'm not sure Bill but firstly double check that the spring is on the correct way and helping the window up ie compressing when the window goes down.
    I'm not sure you can tension the spring up any more. If you reslot the spring further around and pull it back I think you run out of compression in the spring and therefore you can't hook it up, but certainly try. If you don't get a satisfactory answer my windows are accessible and I will double check for you.


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      I have the same problem. My unit has been disassembled before I got it and when the gear is removed things got out of position. The spring isn't tight enoung but you can't get another complete turn to tighten it. Trial and error seems like a poor way to get it right because that spring isn't the easiest thing to work with.



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        See if you can install the spring the other way. When I reassembled my 83 I had no idea which way it went because it fell out. Put it back two different ways, only on way worked properly.



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          If you can't get a full turn, remove the spring and rotate 180 degrees, for an extra 1/2 turn of tension. If that doesn't do it, then you need new springs, as I do, and they don't appear to be available from any Stude vendor. Other car lines of that era must have used similar mechanisms and springs. Anyone with ideas on substitute spring replacements?


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            I'm sure that I saw them listed on the Nostalgic website (when it was working). A quick call to Dan and Betty would confirm this.


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              Thank you, all

              Prior to my ownership of the car, my windows have definitely been apart before. and I have learned to not blindly trust the mechanical skills of an unknown prior owner. There is also an extra window spring in the parts box that came in the trunk, so I suspect someone was trying to address this in the past, and that that this problem is not new to my car. I will check the things people have suggested, and will post back here what I find. Bill Henderson,