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Eye cabbage: Well, it still has good tail lights...

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  • Eye cabbage: Well, it still has good tail lights...

    Chris Dresbach

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    Unique approach for a privacy fence!
    Frank van Doorn
    Omaha, Ne.
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      Looks like most of the damage was caused by putting it on the pile.



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        You know, I know it sounds kinda sick... But I kinda like it! It would be better without destroying any Studees to make it. Still... plant some ivy, and it ten years or so, it would never be distinguishable from any other kind of fence.
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        Ron Smith
        Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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          Needless to say it's a practice I'm somewhat familiar with. Ever seen a fence made from old boxcar doors?
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            Unfortunately, the tail light lenses for a 52 are one of the easiest parts to find in good shape. Just about everything else is ruined.
            When I was living in South Dakota I saw stock dams lined with car bodies to prevent erosion. Some of the cars were as early as the late 20s.
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